President imageMessage from the President & CEO of Nobelpharma America, LLC


Yoshiki Kida, the President & CEO of Nobelpharma America, LLC

 “When in doubt, the patient benefit takes priority.”

Nobelpharma America’s overall Mission Statement follows the Mission of our parent company, Nobelpharma Co., Ltd.

Nobelpharma focuses heavily on patients awaiting novel treatments for their specific disease state. We measure success by following our corporate Mission, aspiring to bring novel life-changing treatments to market.

Our corporate Action Criteria states, “When in doubt, the patient’s benefit takes priority,” which supports our approach to overcoming challenges throughout the product development process.

You never know unless you try, but do not hesitate to cut loss

If there is no precedent, be the first to try

Nobelpharma America, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nobelpharma Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan.  We are proud to have the opportunity to bring unique drugs and medical devices from Nobelpharma Co., Ltd. to best serve US patients, caregivers and health care providers.


Yoshiki Kida, President & CEO

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