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In our company name, “Nobel” comes from Alfred Nobel, the founder of the Nobel Prize.

Family Line of Nobel

Nobel, known for his invention of dynamite, established Nobel Industries Limited in 1870. Through the diversification by mergers, it eventually evolved into the world’s leading chemical company, ICI (Imperial Chemical Industries). The business unit called ICI Nobel then became the current Nobel Enterprises Industries Inc. in 2002 when acquired by Inabata & Co., and thereafter Nobelpharma Co., Ltd. was established.

We are proud to be part of Alfred Nobel’s innovative and scientific legacy. His groundbreaking achievements continue to inspire our company’s mission and values. We pride ourselves in being a socially responsible company with strong community ties with a rich history.

In 2019, our first global subsidiary, Nobelpharma America, LLC was established in Bethesda, Maryland. We are working to bring medications and medical devices to patients with rare and underserved conditions. We chose Bethesda, Maryland for our American headquarters because of the proximity to leading U.S. researchers, regulators and advocacy groups.

Family Line of Nobel

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