Management Policies

1. General

  1. Give priority to legal and ethical compliance in the course of business – never prioritize loyalty over what is legal or ethical.
  2. Share our Mission, Policies and Code of Business Ethics and Conduct with all stakeholders.
  3. Pursue advancement of the Company. Our main goal is to be more evolved not larger.
  4. Strive for a 100-year company with the corporate mission
  5. Ensure transparency and communication.
  6.  Launch business overseas.

2. Personnel

  1. Value employees, their families and respect self-development.
  2. Employ the principal of high performance. Hire the best, expect the best and create a culture that fosters this.
  3. Value suggestions and opinions from employees.

3. Products

  1. Pursue high-quality products and data.
  2. Make safety a top priority.
  3. Search for product seeds externally.

4. Capital

  1. Profits are the results and means of achieving the Mission.
  2. Focus on growth in sales and profits.
  3. Balance the pros and cons when making investment decisions.
  4. Create a culture of Pay for Performance – employees are rewarded for their contributions and hard work.
  5. Invest assets wisely.

Action Criteria

1. Principle

  • When in doubt, the patient benefit takes priority.

2. Our Challenge

  • You never know how it will turn out unless you try, but do not hesitate to cut losses.
  • Even if there is no precedent, be the first to try it.

3. Speed

  • Never forget patients.
  • Set date driven deadlines.
  • Learn from failures.
  • Sound and efficient decisions by Department managers.

4. Cost/Efficiency

  • Never carry/purchase what will or isn’t working, never take/cause unnecessary actions.
  • Zero-overtime and work-from-home are considered optimal.
  • Focus on results while instilling work/life balance.
  • Consider patient needs, scientific rationality and laws/regulations when pursuing higher quality in products/data.
  • Pursue cost reduction with the principle of multiple sources, while regarding providers as partners.

5. Communication/Relationship

  • Foster inter-departmental advice and cooperation as a core part of our culture.
  • Confidently entrust tasks to subordinates, but never leave unmanaged.
  • Hear anyone out, never interrupt in the middle.
  • Be direct and concise when explaining/responding.
  • Greetings may seem small but they are important.

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