Nobelpharma has earnestly addressed the development of medicines that other companies do not pursue, in order to fulfill the needs of society.

Nobelpharma has continuously aspired to perform R&D of medicines that have not been targeted for the other pharmaceutical companies due to limited operating revenue opportunities for medicines with a small number of patients (medicines for unmet medical needs). The core of our development pipeline has been medicines such as orphan drugs (drugs for rare diseases) that have been strongly requested by patients, academic societies, or the government, as well as off-labeled medicines and pediatric medicines. Our efficient R&D approach, conducted by the dedicated and selected few, is what enables us to obtain approvals for such medicines that have only small sales potential.


Mode of action: topical form of mTOR inhibitor

Expected indication: angiofibroma

Status: investigational project



Medical device: thyroid cartilage fixation

Expected Indication: adductor spasmodic dysphonia

Status: investigational project



Mode of action: bFGF, etc.

Expected indication: tympanic perforation

Status: investigational project