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Contribute to Society by Providing Critical but Neglected Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices 




Management Policies

1 General

  1. Share the Mission, Policies and Action Criteria among all stakeholders (employees, shareholders, officers)
  2. Pursue the evolution of the Company, yet becoming larger is not our main goal
  3. Comply with regulations and ethical codes
  4. Ensure transparency and disclosure
  5. Launch business overseas

2 Personnel

  1. Value employees and families, and respect self-development
  2. Value employees as being a select few, and create an environment where they can enjoy working 
  3. Value suggestions and opinions from employees

3 Products

  1. Pursue high quality in products and data
  2. Ensure post-marketing safety
  3. Search for product seeds externally

4 Capital

  1. Profits come as a result of and mean to achieve the Mission
  2. Focus on a higher return on sales/profits per employee
  3. Keep in mind the disadvantages of failure, not just the assumption of success when making investment decisions
  4. Profits are distributed to shareholders (dividends), employees, and to internal reserves
  5. Asset management only with a principal guarantee

Action Criteria

1 Principle

  1. When in doubt, the patient benefit takes priority

2 Our Challenges

  1. YMWS: “Yatte Minakucha Wakaranai, shikashi Songiri wo tamerauna
    = You never know how it will turn out unless you try, but do not hesitate to cut losses”
  2. ZY: “Zenrei ga nainara Yattemiru
    = Even if there is no precedent, be the first to try it

3 Speed

  1. Never forget patients are waiting
  2. Set a deadline first by date
  3. If failed, learn from experiences for the next chances
  4. Speedy decisions by Department managers

4 Cost/Efficiency

  1. Never carry/purchase deadwood, never take/cause wasteful actions
  2. No overtime work is considered good
  3. Consider patient needs, scientific rationality and laws/regulations when pursuing higher quality in products/data
  4. Pursue cost reduction with the principle of multiple sources, while regarding providers as partners

5 Communications/Relationship

  1. Never prioritize loyalty to company over morals
  2. Rejecting inter-departmental advice and cooperation is a symptom of Big Company Disease
  3. Superiors to confidently entrust tasks to subordinates, but never leave unmanaged
  4. Hear anyone out, never interrupt in the middle
  5. Start with a conclusion when explaining/responding
  6. Greetings may seem small, but they are important